SL340 – 10 – High Voltage Universal Transmitter


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The SL340 is a field configurable isolating transmitter/converter providing true 3-way galvanic isolation up to 2500Vrms for use with industrial probes and millivolt signals. Input and output are set using the SL300 programmer connected to a PC USB via the COA703 interface. The connection socked is accessed under a door flap on the front of the module. Key features of the SL340-10 are;

  • Small case style.
  • Wide range AC/DC power supply.
  • Input linearisation.
  • User engineering units and scaling.
  • Differential and single ended input.
  • Switch-able input loading
  • Reverse and direct acting
  • Signal limiting.
  • Programmable sensor supply.
  • Switch-able input filter (fast / slow)
  • Power Supply: 80-300Vdc / 80-280V 50/60Hz

The SL300 PC Programmer

This free tool is upgraded with each release of a SL series module. New modules are coming soon.

When used with the SL332/SL335/SL340, it can set functions that are not available using the top mounted switches.

The SL300 Programmer can read and program all parameters for the entire range of Smart Line signal conditioners.

Approximately 3 - 5 working days