Manufacturing is an integral part of today’s economy. Factories around the world manufacture products for industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, packaging, plastics and more. While strategic practices such as Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement are used by many organizations to improve processes, technology is ultimately transforming the world of manufacturing.  Our industrial automation solutions help manufacturers – both large and small, to monitor and control operations via products that suit many applications in the highly specialised environments of commercial food manufacturing, commercial kitchens, food processing, storage and logistics.

For equipment that requires frequent wash downs, you require robust modules that can isolate disruptive signals and provide highly accurate, stable temperature measurements. Majority of our modules abide by SIL approvals for safety and the highest industry standards, 100% validated.

The energy market is a dynamic and constantly changing market – in terms of energy generation, mains operation, and maintenance. Experts predict an increase in global power consumption of around 60 percent by 2030.

Supplying essential water, gas and electric resources, power and utility companies require high-capacity redundant networks to ensure continuous operations. From substation failover and reclosure management to distribution and lift station monitoring, IPControls industrial automation solutions reliably monitor and control assets to provide optimal performance across power and utility applications.

High operational reliability thanks to the SIL


Safety integrity level – SIL

The safety integrity level (SIL) defines the requirements that a device or a system is expected to fulfill so that the failure probability can be specified. If a device or system fails, a defined state is attained.

The aim of the SIL is to achieve maximum possible operational reliability.

A standard-based inspection is carried out based on statistical probability. Standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 are largely used as the basis for this.

Both long-distance and regional travel are increasing as a result of advancing globalisation and growth in the size of towns and cities. Transportation systems rely on information, which is why many highway authorities, railways, municipalities and other organizations are working with IPControls to ensure data and operations keep moving. Understanding market requirements, we deliver reliable industrial automation products that are at the heart of many successful railway, subway, tunnel monitoring, traffic management and transportation systems.

Modern mining methods now demand modern, intrinsically safe systems to be able to monitor and measure all aspects of the process from removing raw materials to delivering the high grade feedstock required of industry. IPControls features a range of mining and related equipment for Australia’s mining and industrial workplaces.

IPControls can accommodate for Temperature sensors, isolators, converters, ECR(earth continuity relays) and other technology designed for harsh and remote mining environments.

For water and wastewater industries, a very high level of isolation is needed in terms of noise and ground loops. You may also require a mix of standard and I.S. signals as well as splitting signals from the field. And as a supplier of water and wastewater products, we can help you meet your needs and requirements with optimal efficiency.

Our products isolate and split the signals from a sensor to a PLC, solving EMC noise issues. We can convert signals for the purpose of controlling pumps, and ensure that the frequency signals from water turbines meet their required levels. In addition, our range offers you low power consumption, universal AC/DC power supplies, high galvanic isolation and solid performance every time.

The oil and gas industry is changing and both producers and operators need to increase the efficiency of their systems. When establishing new fields, system digitalization ensures efficient processes around the production, transport, and processing of oil and gas.

Oil and gas companies around the globe can rely on IPControls products to help ensure uninterrupted production of critical resources. Whether located in the desert, ocean or ice field, we offers rugged industrial automation solutions that provide connectivity, monitoring and control required to get the job done. Our industrial automation solutions offer connectivity, monitoring and control across many oil and gas applications. We provide safe, stable, and individually tested signal conditioning devices with outstanding EMC performance and high galvanic isolation, including temperature measurement and sensing hardware with IECEX HART transmitters.