5715 – Programmable LED indicator


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Quick Overview:

  • 4-digit 14-segment LED display
  • Input for mA, V, Ohm, RTD, TC and potentiometer
  • 4 relays and analog output
  • Universal supply
  • Programmable via front keys and PC


  • Display for digital readout of current / voltage / resistance / temperature or 3-wire potentiometer signals.
  • Process control with 4 pairs of potential-free change-over relays and analog output.
  • For tank level control, with the possibility of customer linearization ensuring correct level measurement and control in non-linear tanks.

Technical characteristics:

  • 4-digit LED indicator with 13.8 mm 14-segment characters. Max. display readout -1999…9999 with programmable decimal point and relay ON / OFF indication.
  • All standard operational parameters can be adjusted to any application by way of the front function keys. When programming is carried out by way of a PC and the configuration program PReset, additional configuration options are available, such as customer-defined linearization and special input signals.
  • Help texts in eight languages can be selected via a menu item.
  • A menu item allows the user to minimize the installation test time for the relay outputs by activating / deactivating each relay independently of the input signal.


5715B - Universal Indicator 4D 48x96mm with universal power supply and 4 relay outputs.

5715D - Universal Indicator with 4 relays out and analogue retransmission.