3117 – Bipolar isolated converter


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Quick Overview:

  • Conversion of voltage and current bipolar process signals to unipolar signals
  • Multiple signal ranges are selectable via DIP-switches
  • Fast response time < 7 ms and high output load stability
  • Excellent accuracy, better than 0.05 % of selected range
  • Slimline 6 mm housing


  • The 3117 is an isolating converter which can be used for signal conversion of standard bipolar analog process signals into a unipolar analog signal.
  • The unit offers 3-port isolation and provides surge suppression and protects control systems from transients and noise.
  • The 3117 also eliminates ground loops and can be used for measuring floating signals.
  • Mounting of the 3117 can be in Safe area or in Zone 2 and Cl. 1 Div 2 area and is approved for marine applications.


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